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My <3 for Make Up For Ever

My first ever purchase of Make Up For Ever was their HD foundation in #127. After doing more research, I learned that this brand was actually formulated to be used by water ballerinas and therefore most of their products are waterproof! To a makeup artist and someone with really oily skin, that's music to my ears!

I've been using MUFE for two years now and love love love just love their products. I've used everything from their lipsticks, mascaras, eyeshadows to brow color. These babies do not budge! The photo I've posted is of their Extravagant Glamour. It's basically everything you need for a 5 minute polished face. The lipstick is very vibrant and you can smudge the eyeliner and use it as eyeshadow. Top it off with the kit's mascara and you are set! It's still available on so grab it before it's gone!

This is just one of many MUFE posts I'll have on my blog. Stay tuned for more of their amazing products!


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