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That prenatal glow!

I must say, this pregnancy has given me so many perks. Many good hair and makeup days as well as strong nails to be precise! 

Funny story. I gave my mom a heart attack when I bought these during high school. I use to cheer and the girls swore that it did this and that and I wanted to know for myself so I drive to the store thinking nothing of it and just had it perched on my dresser. My poor mom's heart probably sank but no, I wasn't pregnant. I wanted nice hair, skin and nails! 

For those of you wondering if it really works, I highly suggest talking to your docs first. Prenatal vitamin manufacturers advertise you take them before, during and after conception. Meaning you can basically live off of these babies, which i plan to do forever on. They have all vital nutrients which women need. They support better health and promote all the perks I've already mentioned. I take mine before bed as vitamins have always given me an upset stomach when I take it during the day

If you want stronger nails, better skin and hair, invest on them. If you're trying to conceive, even better for you and your partner! When you look good, you feel good. Glow on girl! 

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