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If I had to evacuate quickly and could only bring two items from my vanity it would be...

I would speed walk (pregnant issues) out the door with my Teintidole Ultra foundation and Genefique serum! 

I have been OBSESSED with Lancome's  Genefique serum since I was introduced to its magic at Ecôle training! This light weight serum glides on my skin effortlessly. I'm oily to combination and it never makes me feel greasy or uncomfortable. I can feel how soft my skin turned from the first use! It's only the only bottle that guarantees a healthy glow within 7 days! Woah!

I also selected my all time favorite foundation because it's literally the best! High spf, full coverage, touch up free makeup that I can count on time and time again! I work loooooooong hours and I move so much but there has never been a day when a customer hasn't complimented my complexion, and this baby I have to thank for. 

Thank you Lancôme for spoiling me with the best of the best for nearly three years now! I am definitely a living proof why we are the number one luxury beauty brand in the world! Merci! 

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