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The power of your thoughts.

Do you believe that whatever you think you manifest? Scary isn't it? Because it can be good or bad! You are as great as your thoughts.  What you feed your mind you ultimately become. I remember when I use to just play with makeup. Just dream about being an artist. Just mess around with face charts. Now, I live the Lancôme brand and I have the most beautiful colors, mixing mediums and life changing skincare at my fingertips!  Today wasn't the easiest day at work. My team and I are at the last leg of our spring gift with purchase presell and everyone is on their toes trying to beat numbers. I can't exactly say I knew this going in, but boy am I grateful to be leading  the team I have. There are so many complexities in my job and sitting down today with my executive makes it all worth it. We are all fighting or struggling with something and it is truly humbling that even those we look up to the most has quirks of their own.  For those in search of finding their career, whether in professional makeup, or anything else, my number one advice is to go after it fearlessly and whole heartedly. If something is itching at you, most likely it's a passion and I commend you for listening to your heart. What you believe you become, and I believe you will be great. 😘

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