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My cleansing obsessions at the moment!

I learned the magic of and importance of double cleansing early in my career but I wished I learned it even sooner! 

Growing up, I was eager to wear makeup. Now being older, perfect skin in my mission! I tell every client I encounter that perfect skin will equate to perfect makeup application! 

Double cleansing will give you a more even skin tone, unclog your pores (aka no blackheads), and a perfect palette for all of your moisturizers to really work their anti aging magic which also means you're getting the most bang out of your buck! 

What is double cleansing you ask? Double cleansing is using more than one cleanser. Most of the time the first cleanser used is oil based which efficiently removes makeup. The second cleanser used is more of a milk or gel cleanser which rids the skin of any sebum and really deep cleanses. 

My current obsession while double cleansing is my Lancôme Créme Douceur which is a creme to oil formula. This wipes every trace of makeup off of my face! I massge it all over my face, watch the white cream turn into a clear oil then I rinse with lukewarm water. I pat my skin dry and then use the new Lancôme Miel-en-Mousse cleanser. I pump just one pump and massage it over dry skin. The clear honey like cleanser will start to turn into a white foam over my skin. Then I put water on my hands and do small circular motion and watch the cleanser turn into bubbles. The smell of this cleanser is intoxicating and my skin feels so hydrated and not at all stripped when I rinse and pat dry. 

I follow this regimen with my Lancôme Genefique serum and then my Visionnaire Nuit night cream! Twice a week (Sundays and Wednesdays) I would use my Masque Pure Empreinte which is a white clay mask to detoxify and calm my skin. Voila! Perfect skin to match my beauty sleep! 

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