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Dear Bride,

To begin, congratulations! On this big day, you deserve all the best. I promise to deliver the most gorgeous you you can possibly be. Whether you're a classic, modern or somewhere in betweeen, bride, Miracle Amor Artistry will be by your side during the most important day of your life!

There are many blogs and videos that teach how to do bridal makeup. Though these blogs are a great reference, you deserve to be catered to on your wedding day! Before you make your decision on whether or not to book Miracle Amor Artistry for your big day, here are a couple of pointers to keep in mind. 

* Lights, camera, action!

We’ve all seen it, a photo where someones face doesn’t match the color of their body. Flash photography almost 99% of the time will be used during your wedding. From the latest smartphones to the most high tech digital cameras, flash can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. There are certain ingredients in makeup that does not suite flash photography. I am  experienced in different lighting situations from working in studio and in natural light. Your wedding photos are to be invested on because they’re the only legacy of your magical day! I will NEVER let any bride walk away looking like flour face!

* Set and Refresh!

Your wedding day starts the moment you wake up and ends when you finally snooze at night! Generally speaking, your makeup needs to last at least 10 hours. In those 10 hours, you will be walking, laughing, dancing, and perhaps crying, and of course all of these will be documented by your photographers, videographers and everyone else invited to your wedding. I only use the highest quality of makeup that won’t run and smudge. Keep in mind that in photography, more or less makeup is called for, and I know exactly where that happy medium is! And just in case you’ll need a little powder and lipstick, I'll be there!

* This day is all about you!

It’s a BIG day! Weddings are beautiful and takes much time to prepare, photographers know just that while they take photos of every detail and joyous moments throughout the day. These photos are the only thing left which documents the day you officially celebrate your love for one another. Make them count! Let the real you shine on this day so that you will feel most confident and beautiful. Stress is not pretty on photographs nor healthy in the long run. The less stress the better so that when you think back to the day of your wedding, you’ll remember being as relaxed, cool, calm and collected as you can be! I will apply waterproof mascara, powder your nose, touch up your lipstick and highlight your best features! This is my job, leave it up to the pro!

 Trust that you're in great hands,

  Miracle Amor Artistry is part of your team!

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